Today, Information Technology is a booming industry

It is vital to have trained professionals to adapt to the rapid changes in technology. Effective networking infrastructure is the foundation for the success of any business.

Massive Network Training

Massive Network transforms your network and gives it a competitive edge. We offer a range of services like Voice-Over IP (VOIP), Network Engineering, Cyber Security, and Cloud Transformation. These are the prerequisites to an efficient and reliable network environment. We even perform onsite surveys before formulating a design to fulfil your needs. Our IT professionals are well-trained and equipped to meet all your business requirements.

We offer training in many fields such as network engineering training, by facilitating an up gradation in your skills or teaching the basics of an in-demand course. With experience of over 10 years in Network Engineering, we understand the zest and wish to share our knowledge further. Our experts extend various network engineering courses for you.

Network Engineering Training

Due to the use of computer networks everywhere, an organization needs a steady infrastructure with supporting hardware and software for the smooth running of operations. As the network grows in size, it becomes more complex and requires supervision and maintenance.

A Network Engineer is the driving force behind the seamless flow of information within an organization. He has to spend a significant amount of time configuring data, testing systems, and employing the right software and hardware. They have to constantly upgrade and secure the network and be accessible to troubleshoot and diagnose in case of any errors. It is one of the most sought-after professions and desired by every company as they act as an anchor to the IT sector. They plan, construct and manage both the physical and wireless network to ensure a functional and optimal service.


Building a new network or redesigning an existing one, the experts in our team are well-versed to help you achieve all your goals. We assist you in implementing the ideal network system to complement your specific requirements. The team makes sure that the infrastructure is secured, flexible and scalable.

Some of our network engineering services are:

Network Architecture & Design-

The most critical element of a network is its design, which should match the defined requirements of the business. It is not always easy to translate the specifications in real technicality. The network architecture team has to work relentlessly to determine creative ways to formulate the needs of our clients. We commit to helping you by developing the best solutions.

Security Design-

Protecting your data is very crucial as it is what sets you apart from the competitors. A security design helps the business to safeguard and control the access of the assets from the insiders and outsiders. It is the technique that arranges the software and hardware to facilitate the security of the system. It focuses on preventing unwanted cyber security breaches.

Design Review and Verification-

It is necessary to compare and evaluate the outputs of the final design with the inputs. It aims to review the results and verify the ascertained requirements. Design review and verification helps the engineer to meet the demands of the client and adopt the best practices in future to save cost and time. The process identifies the problems and proposes necessary actions.

Migration Planning-

To move data and programs from one network system to another as an update or extension is known as network migration. It involves selecting, preparing, extracting and transferring the information in the correct quality and manner. It is a significant need of companies and hence an essential service to be familiar with.

Test Planning-

A test plan determines the quality of the network environment under examination. It describes the objectives it must fulfill, the strategies to be adopted and the resources required for the successful functioning of the software. It tests various aspects of the design and keeps a check on the connectivity and routing protocol. We help you ensure the peak efficiency of your network through our training. The training helps to monitor the health of your client’s network.

Every company needs a secure and cost-effective network, and hence they require the services of a network engineer. The skills and practical knowledge are the greatest blessings of a network engineer. They hold a critical place in the IT sector, which is never getting out of style.

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