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Our formula for success is “P” price x “P” performance x “Q” quality = Customer satisfaction. Benefit now from our proven service approach!

Our services

We propose a complete range of solutions for you to be able to run your system smoothly and to deliver the best results. We are here to help you to achieve your goals and to bring added value to the company.

Network solutions
VOIP engineering

Network solutions and implementation

Cloud transformation

VOIP engineering

Design, planning, restructuring, building a clean foundation for the future, development of the entire network for your company

Evaluation of existing systems, proposal of the solutions adapted to your particular situation, implementation and smooth running, trainings 

Detailed analysis, changing the system, new installations, smooth running and maintenance 

Key advantages that we offer:


Software defined networking solutions:

more speed for the implementation

Building everything from scratch:

we know exactly from the very beginning how the infrastructure is installed and how communication flows. We ensure the best quality of the solutions. 

Building IT systems

Modern and trustful partners:

state of art technologies above expectations 

Continuous follow up and long-term commitment:

we ensure technical support for your team and to propose new innovative solutions for your enterprise


Your company in focus

We don’t just provide you with a solution – we work out YOUR solution for you.



Massive Network provides pragmatic solutions and concrete expert advice to help you get the network infrastructure you and your business needs - regardless of whether you use our services or not. Here’s an overview of everything we can do for you.


Modern Workplace

Now more than ever, the digitalization of companies has become a serious issue. Do you need pragmatic and reliable information about your options for switching to All-IP, PaaS(Platform as a Service), or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)? We’ll support you transparently, all the way from the initial consideration, planning, and final integration of your network.



Are you already using standardized network solutions or cloud connections? Are you using All-IP-Solutions in your office, or do you want to guarantee you’re using future cloud options as efficiently as possible? We’ll answer all your questions practically and in your best interest, so you can use secure cloud solutions in your business that make things easier for you and your employees.


Network Connectivity

Here’s where it gets serious. Do you want to use a secure cloud and a stable network connection that doesn't require constant maintenance? In that case, you can benefit from our core competence: you’ll get a standardized and customized network environment including network software automation in your company, which you can conveniently manage via your uniformed interface. If you don’t want any hassle we can take care of all of this for you, so you can spend your valuable time on other things.


We look forward to you!

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